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March 13, 2013
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Steampunk Tinkerbell by Lillyxandra Steampunk Tinkerbell by Lillyxandra
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Original Steampunk Tinkerbell. I used muted greens for her bright green leaf dress. For the skirt I wanted to still have a petal look. Each leaf is two sides different fabric with piping down the for the "leaf veins". Of course she has a little bottle of fairy dust on her belt! I'll post the wings soon!

Matching wings -
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Tonidiva1029 Apr 7, 2014  New member
Must do I  order something like this?
I am in love with this. The concept is amazing, STEAMPUNK THE EVERYTHING!!!
hi can we bye this costum ? where can you see prices please ? 
laurencskinner Mar 11, 2014  Professional General Artist
I want to illustrate a version of Tink in this! Absolutely love it, well done! :)
browniewaseaten Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Do you do commissions?
1johnnyangel Feb 18, 2014  New member
Is this steam punk Tinkerbell ensemble- including the wings (and more) available for purchase?  Or made for such? I am making this request on behalf of my, truly known and beloved BY MANY fashionista 'author' and dearest friend --whom is considered fashion knowledgeable extraordinaire -Ha! LOL-ing  she is right now. She  stumbled by 'accident' (we think not) on this dress and Steam punk fashion for the VERY FIRST TIME and as a (very young spirited), 5'11 model body "WOMAN OF A CERTAIN AGE" -- has been literally brought to real tears of Joy! Or as she's speaking, "all these years attempting to create THIS look without ever knowing it existed ?!?!?!, I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE! MY VISUAL WORLD, MY SECOND SKIN? FINALLY, the PERFECT EXPRESSION OF MY SOUL, let me just say, I've NEVER witnessed her moved to this distinct reverie and what she just said, "pardon the ... and she's having a fashion/spiritual orga*&m" -- Myself, a consummate costumer, am only too pleased to have had been THE ONE to give direction and name to her decades long search ---- this great synchronistic life-changing crossroads for such an artist connoisseur, --- and for myself to be as schooled, fluent, and fan of Steam punk myself! I (and hopefully now you may share in what ... many, esp in these times-- may consider something so superficial) am gloriously rewarded, quite honestly heart-warmed, and deeply satisfied!! .... Fantastic reminder to all of us designers, it is truly never to late reveal a whole new world to a client and witness the blooming of a gorgeous soul, be as giddy and exuberant as a 5-year-old finding her dream pony --in her very own back yard on Christmas morn! As a fellow artist, I truly wish you were here to witness the power of your (in particular stunning form of creative expression of this (still to many?) undiscovered, Steam punk World for those of us who's galaxy is one of: clothes are our reflection of our creative Being--that make life worth more than simply living.... Look out! Her SHE comes! She asks to pass along -with ALL that came before :), artist to artist she prostrates and offer's a standing ovation, in awe of your commitment and execution of your vision of Steam punk, and can't wait to begin her journey with some of your sublime creations.... Brava!

Johnnyangel for Ms. G
this is pretty and so cute to see ^^ I love the detail on it :3
LizzyChrome Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not sure how to explain this awesomeness, so I'll just say what pops into my head: emerald, bodice, lace, detail, flowers on boots, chains, lace, emerald pendant KICK ASS AWESOME!!!!
LittlexMissxInnocent Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now, I wanna do a steampunk Tinkerbell. How would I go about getting one like this?
Raggujea Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist
 ilove this D:D and the wings
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